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CGI's & Artists Impressions

There are times when photography

simply isn’t possible and you need vision.


Whether artistic creativity or computer generated support, Encompass is well versed in developing winning imagery from architectural plans or the nub of

an idea wholly contained within the

kernel of a thought.


If you are seeking to make a sale, secure planning consent or simply reach out with a vision for the future, we know that we can find the most appropriate visual solution.

Any image is only ever created because somebody needs to see it. We like to imagine the recipient of the image and

the behaviour or reaction we’re seeking

to elicit before we commission an artist or technician.


There is a time and a place for sketches, water colours and high end technology. We’ve utilised all of the above for our clients in the past – we do have a favourite style – get in touch and we

can discuss which one is yours.

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